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About Us

Allen and Charlotte Ladnier planted their first 30 Satsuma Trees in 1991 behind their house in Grand Bay Alabama. It began as a hobby as they prepared for retirement. Satsuma trees love the sandy ground and warm wet weather of coastal Alabama. The trees thrived and more trees were planted each year. The farm expanded to include kumquats Myers lemons and grapefruit
It was hard work learning how to care for a citrus orchard. Charlotte and Allen had 6 children and 19 grandchildren which all pitched in to help. Of course some ate more than they worked! Harvest became a special family time. Harvest was about working together and instilling a work ethic in our children and now grandchildren.
Allen and Charlotte have both passed away and left this beautiful farm to their children who take care of the orchard and harvest the fruit with their children and grandchildren. 
We truly are a family farm!